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ELYSIA Governance

DAO governed by a global community

ELYSIA is a DAO LLC owned and operated by EL Token stakers.


ELYSIA DAO develops a tokenization protocol so that real assets can be used in digital asset markets such as DeFi and NFT marketplaces.


Asia's first DAO LLC.

The world's second DAO LLC qualified by the US government

DAO LLC established first among listed projects.

How to join
EL Token

Get the EL Token

ELYSIA token represents ownership of ELYSIA DAO LLC. and is listed on DEX and CEX with many EL tokens so that anyone interested in ELYSIA and the future can participate in governance.

Real-time price


Total created

7,000,000,000 EL

Total Supply


Circulating Supply


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Total staked amount


Get voting rights(sEL) through staking!

To participate in the decision-making process, users must have the right to vote (staked EL, sEL). Users can get the right to vote by staking EL tokens on the EL staking, and they can cast their votes as much as they have.

The staking period is until ELYSIA 2.0 opens, and users can unstake at any time.

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Develop ELYSIA together by sharing, discussing, and proposing your opinions!

Anyone who agrees with the ELYSIA Protocol or wants to participate in ELYSIA’s development can participate in governance. Participants are free to propose improvements in the ELYSIA forum and vote on the decision-making process in the snapshot.

Governance spaces


The ELYSIA forum is an important part of the ELYSIA governance system and is intended to nurture ELYSIA's ecosystem. As part of the ‘off-chain cycle’, Forum is a place where participants are free to propose and discuss initiatives, and to share resources and information.


Snapshot is a space to complete off-chain governance and decide whether or not to pass on an agenda that requires a final decision. The sEL tokens obtained by staking EL serve as voting rights, and participants can exercise their rights as much as the sEL they hold.